Joe Bio


International Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer, Brand Consultant and former Lingerie Business Owner, Joe offers more than 20 years of experience in multi-brand environments in fashion, television, music and film.  

Her infectious sense of style, her personalized approach and ambitious mindset have continuously made her achieve new heights and enjoy recognition within the fashion industry.

Having studied fashion design in Paris and worked in different parts of the world, the Canadian high-energetic Entrepreneur has risen to being a well-recognised Expert in fashion imagery, styling, trends and marketing with features in famous commercials, tv shows, films, and seasonal campaigns to name a few.

Over the years, Joe has built an exceptional and solid network of contacts of top industry professionals and brands, and has captured the hearts of a growing number of clients seeking the ultimate personal styling experience through mindful stylish fashion.

Fashion sustainability is central to Joe’s mission. And fashion as always been her playground. As a stylist and fashion lover, she is much aware of the fashion environmental impact and issues for our planet. 

Joe firmly believes that fashion and environmental responsibility can be reconcilable. In order to continue to do what she loves but not at the expense of the environment or of her integrity, Joe has decided to make a real difference and to actively be part of the many solutions to reduce ecological footprints. 

She aims to steer the fashion industry in a more ethical and green direction with game-changing approaches, curated eco-responsible fashion projects and innovative personal styling services all in line with her values and mission. 

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